About us

Kozlowski Towing and Repair delivers world class service as a market leader in the towing and roadside industry. Kozlowski Towing and Repair is a locally run business established in 1980. We are based in Clifford PA and serve the local surrounding region. Our help makes your life easier. We are dedicated to providing you with finest towing services that will meet your expectations.

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We do things better and provide the best possible service at this region. We believe that delivering top service to our customers is the best way to content them. We thankfully receive our client’s feedback, which is our greatest tool in achieving and maintaining the highest standards.Kozlowski Towing and Repair provides tow trucks at affordable, sensible prices, unlike much of the rivalry.

As a result of devotion, hard work, and dedication through the initial years in business, our company has continuously grown to a professional level and competing with another big towing companies this incredible experience has enabled us to provide professional towing services within Clifford PA and the surrounding areas.

As we are in the towing business for more than 33 years, we have contracts with most law enforcement agencies in the area of Clifford PA to provide light and heavy duty towing services. We have many continuous service agreements with large corporate accounts in the Clifford PA region.